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To Serve and Protect: Making Sense of Hadoop Security

Duration: 60 Minutes

Hadoop is rapidly becoming a development platform and dominant server environment, and organizations are keen to take advantage of its massively scalable – and relatively inexpensive – resources. It is not, however, without its limitations, and it often requires a contingent of complementary components in order to behave within an information architecture. One area often overlooked is security, a factor that, if not considered from the onset, can insert great risk when putting sensitive data in Hadoop.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he discusses how security was never a design point for Hadoop and what organizations can do about it. He’ll be briefed by Sudeep Venkatesh of HP Security Voltage, who will explain the intricacies surrounding a secure Hadoop implementation. He will show how techniques like format-preserving and partial-field encryption can allow for analytics over protected data, with zero performance impact.

Featured Speakers

Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, The Bloor Group

Robin is co-founder and Chief Analyst of The Bloor Group. He has more than 30 years of experience in the world of data and information management. He is the creator of the Information-Oriented Architecture, which is to data what the SOA is to services. He is the author of several books including, The Electronic B@zaar, From the Silk Road to the eRoad; a book on e-commerce and three IT books in the Dummies series on SOA, Service Management and The Cloud.

He is an international speaker on information management topics. As an analyst for Bloor Research and The Bloor Group, Robin has written scores of white papers, research reports and columns on a wide range of topics from database evaluation to networking options and comparisons to the enterprise in transition.

Sudeep Venkatesh, VP of Solution Architecture, HP Security Voltage

Sudeep Venkatesh is a noted expert in data protection solutions, bringing over a decade of industry and technology experience in this area to Voltage Security. His expertise spans data protection, security infrastructures, cloud security, identity and access management, encryption, and the PCI standards both for the commercial and government sectors. He has worked on numerous global security projects with Fortune 500 firms in the United States and globally.

At Voltage, Sudeep serves in the position of Vice President of Solution Architecture, with responsibility over designing solutions for some of Voltage's largest customers in the end-to-end data protection portfolio. This includes email, file and document encryption, as well as the protection of sensitive data in databases, applications and payments systems. Prior to this, he was part of the Sales Engineering team at RSA Security where he designed technical solutions for some of its largest customers.

Sudeep holds a B. E. (Hons.) degree in Electronics Engineering from the Shivaji University, India.




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