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The Internet of Things brings new technological problems: sensor communications are bi-directional, the scale of data generation points has no precedent and, in this new world, security, privacy and data protection need to go out to the edge. Likely, most of that data lands in Hadoop and Big Data platforms. With the need for rapid analytics never greater, companies try to seize opportunities in tighter time windows. Yet, cyber-threats are at an all-time high, targeting the most valuable of assets—the data.

Listen to this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain the implications of today's divergent data forces. He’ll be briefed by Reiner Kappenberger of HPE, who will discuss how a recent innovation, Apache NiFi, is revolutionizing the Big Data ecosystem. He’ll explain how this technology dramatically simplifies data flow design, enabling a new era of business-driven analysis, while also protecting sensitive data.

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Reiner Kappenberger,
Global Product Management, Big Data
HPE Security – Data Security

Reiner Kappenberger has over 20 years of computer software industry experience focusing on encryption and security for Big Data environments. His background ranges from Device management in the telecommunications sector to GIS and database systems. He holds a Diploma from the FH Regensburg, Germany in computer science.

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