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Thank you for watching “Data Futures – Protecting the Changing Value of Data”, the RSA 2017 keynote presented by HPE Security – Data Security CTO, Terence Spies!


We’ve learned the value of data is in constant flux due to aggregation, correlation and usage. New cryptographic models including quantum cryptography, homomorphic cryptography, and Blockchain protect both the current and future value of data - allowing business professionals to create, use and dispose of data with the confidence that they will be protected over time.

As Terence says, “the heart of your business is the data”. Please register now, to request a meeting and learn more about how you can protect your most valuable assets–your high value data–persistently!


Terence Spies is HPE Distinguish Chief Technologist at HPE Security – Data Security, and is a leading expert in encryption, tokenization and other data security approaches. Terence oversees the expansion of Data Security technology into new application areas such as Hadoop, cloud, payments and others where application data security is essential. Terence has over 19 years of security and systems software development experience, working with leading companies such as Microsoft, Asta Networks and others. While at Microsoft, Terence designed the SSL server and client side implementations for Microsoft Internet Explorer, participated in the PCT/TLS protocol design, led the development team for the Microsoft Certificate Server and led the integration of the certificate server and active directory. At HPE Security – Data Security, Terence has led the development of HPE Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), HPE Stateless Secure Tokenization (SST) and HPE Page-Integrated Encryption (PIE). Terence is active within the standards community and currently serves as chair of X9F1, the Cryptographic Tools group of X9 whose charter is to draft cryptographic algorithm standards for use in the financial industry. Terence is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and events.

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