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CyberEdge 2017 Cyberthreat Defense Report

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Register now to download CyberEdge’s fourth-annual Cyberthreat Defense Report – a comprehensive review of the perceptions of 1,100 IT security professionals representing 15 countries and 19 industries. Key insights from this year’s report include:  
  • 79% of networks were breached, compared to 62% three years ago
  • 61% compromised by ransomware, but only a third paid a ransom
  • 89% experienced a shortfall of available IT security talent
  • 75% have adequately invested in cyber insurance
  • 21% are not satisfied with Microsoft’s available Office 365 protections
  • 76% of IT security budgets are rising
  • Malware and spear-phishing are causing the most headaches
  • Low security awareness among employees is the greatest inhibitor
The Cyberthreat Defense Report provides the most geographically comprehensive view of IT security perceptions in our industry. Download your complimentary copy now!

Survey Demographics
1,100 security professionals
500+ employees
15 countries
19 industries

Key Industries
Health Care

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